Tegan's Tavern Delivery Policy


1. Overview


At Tegan's Tavern, we strive to provide a seamless and reliable delivery service for our customers. This Delivery Policy outlines the terms and conditions regarding the delivery of products ordered from our website.


2. Delivery Areas


2.1. Geographical Coverage:

   - Specify the regions, cities, or countries where we offer delivery services.

   - Clearly communicate any delivery restrictions.


3. Delivery Times


3.1. Standard Delivery:

   - Provide an estimated timeframe for standard deliveries.

   - Communicate any potential delays due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances.


3.2. Express Delivery (if applicable):

   - Outline the terms and conditions for express delivery options.

   - Clearly state any additional charges associated with express delivery.


4. Order Processing Time


4.1. Processing Period:

   - Communicate the time required to process and dispatch an order.

   - Specify whether processing times may vary for custom or bulk orders.


5. Shipping Costs


5.1. Shipping Rates:

   - Clearly display shipping rates based on the delivery location and order size.

   - Clearly state if there are any circumstances that may lead to additional shipping charges.


6. Order Tracking


6.1. Tracking Information:

   - Provide information on how customers can track their orders.

   - Share tracking numbers and relevant details once the order has been dispatched.


7. Delivery Partners


7.1. Courier Services:

   - Specify the courier services or delivery partners used.

   - Provide links to courier websites for detailed tracking information.


8. Delivery Confirmation


8.1. Confirmation Email:

   - Send a confirmation email upon successful delivery.

   - Include delivery details and a confirmation of receipt.


9. Delivery Address Accuracy


9.1. Responsibility:

   - Emphasize the importance of providing accurate delivery addresses.

   - Clearly state that Tegan's Tavern is not responsible for delivery issues arising from inaccurate addresses.


10. Receiving the Delivery


10.1. Authorized Recipient:

   - Specify that an authorized recipient must be present to receive the delivery.

   - Provide guidelines for what to do if the recipient is not available.


10.2. Inspection upon Receipt:

   - Encourage customers to inspect the delivered products upon receipt.

   - Provide a clear process for reporting any issues with the delivered items.


11. Returns and Refunds


11.1. Returns Policy:

   - Outline the procedure for returning products.

   - Clearly state the conditions under which returns are accepted.


11.2. Refund Process:

   - Provide information on the refund process for returned items.

   - Specify the timeframe within which customers can expect refunds.


12. Customer Support


12.1. Contact Information:

   - Provide clear and accessible contact information for customer support regarding delivery-related inquiries.

   - Set expectations for response times.


13. Policy Updates


13.1. Policy Review:

   - Periodically review and update this Delivery Policy to align with any changes in services or customer feedback.


By placing an order on Tegan's Tavern, customers acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this Delivery Policy.


Last Updated: 11/11/2023